Life Is Short

Life is short. Regret is worthless unless you can take immediate corrective action and thus eliminate it somehow. I try to make good decisions and avoid it all together, but I’m only human. Time spent helping others and following our dreams is a far more gratifying pursuit than a life devoted to the acquisition of “stuff.” My happiness is derived from how and with whom I spend my time. Today I choose to fill my time… to fill my life doing what I love. I avoid drama at all costs and I surround myself with positive people; doers that maintain their forward momentum, striving toward bettering themselves and contributing to the success of others in spite of life’s challenges that periodically tests the resilience of the human condition.

Yes, life is short, my friends. Follow your dreams, pursue your passions in life… nourish your passion FOR life… I am.

This holiday season I pledge to reach out and help someone. Clothe someone. Feed someone. Hold someone. We live in such a beautiful world. Let’s spread that beauty in our actions.

These photographs depict just a sample of what I surrounded myself with last Saturday… my escape. Not so much an escape from as an escape to… I’m not in control here, none of us are. Just look around you. – JLJ

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