Monthly Archives: September 2019

Working Late

Working late has its advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantage of working late is that by putting in extra hours at the job–whatever the job may be–additional time and effort put toward work of which you are tasked with doing.

I work in Downtown Sacramento, about a nine mile commute each way via Highway 50. A disadvantage of working late directly correlates with my commute. Leaving work at 4:30, as I typically do, gets me home in about 30 minutes. When my departure time is pushed back–even by a mere 30 minutes, adversely affects my commute by as much as adding an additional 30 minutes.

Today I made up some time lost to a medical appointment which would have put me on the highway at about 6:00, a time that would have surely added 45 minutes to my drive home, as it is between 5:00 and 6:00 that rank and file working class and management converge on the roads out of downtown to hurry home to their husbands, their wives, their little ones and pets.

Another advantage to working downtown Sacramento is the proximity to scenic areas like river walks where one can go for a run, if one has the propensity to do so. I have this propensity and take advantage of any opportunity to maximize my spare time by getting outdoors to run. Working late today gave me just that opportunity. An opportunity to get in some quality vigorous physical activity and shorten my commute from 46 minutes to about 20 minutes. A win–win scenario if you ask me.

1) I made up 2 hours of time lost while stuffed into an obnoxiously noisy and small MRI machine.

2) I got in some very valuable vigorous exercise in a scenic outdoor setting

3) I reduced my commute time by 60% by running for an hour or so and driving home when most of those whom I would have ordinarily sat in rush hour traffic with were settled down with a cocktail after a hearty dinner.

Working late. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.