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GoPro Hero3 Maiden Voyage in Auburn, CA

I took out my new GoPro Hero3 for its maiden voyage today. I loaded up my bike and headed up to Auburn State Recreational Area, one of the best places in the Sacramento region to hike and tear around on a mountain bike. I discovered a few things during this expedition. First and foremost, I am in a lot better shape than I was the last time I ventured out this way for a day of fresh air and insane dirt downhill adrenaline rushing. A lot can be said for running four days a week and a semi regular yoga regimen, I guess. I also learned that It now costs $10 to park my car and ride around for the day. I don’t mind the fee, state parks need to survive and this one ranks among the best in my opinion, I just don’t remember having to pay there before and I wasn’t prepared for the fee. I hope that they don’t mind all of the quarters loaded into their little brown envelope, kept in the car for the intermittent feeding of downtown Sac. parking meters.

So, with that said, I am posting one of the videos I took of one of my downhill runs. Don’t expect a bunch of fancy stunts, and shit people. Lest you forget, I’m 48 years old, my friends. Those days are behind me, but I Will tackle a first gear pulse quickening climb or an adrenaline pumping high-speed descent any day of the week. I did reach some pretty hairy speeds and buried my shocks a few times on some huge rocks and deep ruts on this trip and that’s what I’m talking about! This was a Kick-Ass day trip!

Adrenaline… It’s all I have left, ya know?



Unmata, belly dance gone STRONG

When a friend of mine asked me if I would like to go check out some belly dancing in Midtown on Second Saturday, I thought to myself, sure that might be fun. I mean, I’ve seen belly dancing before and it was kind of cool, I guess. If nothing else, it would be nice to get out of the house on a warm summer night and see what’s happening in Midtown. She said that her daughter was one of the dancers performing and that I should meet her in front of their dance studio on 17th & K Street.

I jumped in my car and drove as close as I could get while still being able to find parking which is typically nonexistent on Second Saturday and even more elusive on a warm summer night as this was.

I wound up walking several blocks before reaching the studio where I expected to be mildly entertained with a traditional show as I had seen before. Rounding the corner, however, I was ill prepared for what I saw. This was no ordinary belly dancing troupe. There was fire, and swords, and tattoos, and hip-hop music, and flaming whips! I stood next to my friend in awe, mesmerized by the hypnotic motion and addictive energy of this beautiful spectacle of artistic originality.

Incorporating traditional belly dance with hula, hip-hop and other modern dance disciplines, Unmata lives up to their name and their own unique style which they appropriately describe as “belly dance gone STRONG.”

Take a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean.