Why you takin my pichur man?


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Working in downtown Sacramento over the past four years I’ve seen just about every oddity one can imagine.  Yesterday after running to EDD to drop off some documents I took my afternoon break and walked back to the office through the Downtown Plaza shopping mall.   Anyone who is familiar with Downtown Sac  knows about the infamous K Street Mall and the ever vanishing storefronts in the Downtown Plaza.  So, as I am walking through the mall I spy a cool shot of the Renaissance Tower building at 801 K Street, better known by the locals as the “Darth Vader” building for it’s inposing fasade of black glass, kind of peeking through a skylight of the mall, like Vader is looming over the mall wondering how fun it would be to take a giant step forward and squash all those crazy people who still find some value in shopping downtown. 

  Anyway, I pulled out my camera (yes, I always carry a camera) and snapped a photo.  No sooner did I put the camera away and start to walk away a not-so-soothing voice blurts out “Hey, why to takin my pichur man?”  “What?”, I said.  “Why you takin peoples pichur man, you undecover cop or sumpthin”  Clearly I had agitated this woman and she wasn’t going to let me go with out some explination.  “No, I’m not taking pictures of people”, I assured her.  “I’m photographing that black building over there.”  “I done see no black buildin, look like you takin my pichur,  I aint on no wanted list.”  “Well, you can’t see the building from where you’re sitting ma am.  Look.” and I took my camera out and showed her the photo that I had just taken, but she was not impressed, even though it clearly showed the building and not her or any other people for that matter because the angle of the shot was upward.  I then put my camera back in my pocket and as I got a few feet away I heard her mutter under her breath “shudn auta be takin pichurs of people”.

 If you are ever in downtown Sacramento, whether on a break from work, having lunch or just visiting, stay off of K street and steer clear of the Downtown Plaza shopping center.  A lot of  freaks hang out there.

2 responses to “Why you takin my pichur man?

  1. Never a dull moment in Sacramento!


  2. Nice. i have to disagree a bit. I think EVERYONE coming to Sac should go to K street! if they arent mugged, they will definitely have a good story to tell! HA


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